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Sick of Fakeness

hope I have a dream…

I dream of waking up in a fakeness-free world

no more lies

wanna speak freely about what’s true

wanna hear people composing their own lyrics

hear them singing their own songs

hear you whispering yours in my ear, dance to it

merge our melodies,  hold on to them

share a toast for real

mean every single word

keep dreams alive, reach them together

wanna feel everything for real

playful childhood smiles

clean colorful grounds to stand on

feel my feet on the wet sand

feel your warm hand

feel the sunshine running through my veins

learn from the Earth’s breath

wanna be proud of what we’ve done

wanna b e l i e v e

face life with eyes wide open

see your thoughts beyond the screen

trust your eyes, trust every word, every note, every move

understand your heartbeats

feel real magic hope

realize how love moves the threads

discard everything else

I imagine no need to imagine

wish reality beats fairytales of a world even better than we ever dreamt of…

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  1. Anonymous

    Did you see the movie "The Invention of Lying"? It shows you this world where nobody ever lies.

    Funny movie!


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