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Author: anapiccola

9 11

It is precisely today, 9/11, the chosen day to release this blog. Finally!

There are so many words I’d like to share with you, that, from now on, you’ll be able to find some right here. I’m posting these lines with arms wide open to your opinions and comments to all entries and topics.

It is precisely today, 9/11, the day I can’t hold it anymore: “What a wonderful world this could be…”
It’s been already 7 years since that morning when I woke up in Manhattan -where somehow you were too- and realized once more that reality overcomes fiction. Movies are nothing but a waste compared to the amazing experience of LIFE.

That Tuesday morning I felt powerless, confused, scared, lost, extremely loud, vulnerable, deceived, touched. Connected to everyone else like never before. Thankful to my loved ones and grateful to those who ever tought me something. Rushing to nowhere. Alive, but paused.

That day I hated the lack of information and the media manipulation like I never did before. I wish “clean” information could always reach every corner, every soul looking for answers. I wish everyone could freely express an opinion to make thigs change for the better. Too much to hope for?

Somehow, many things still have not changed 7 years later. Freedom of speech is still a joke. Oil keeps ruling the world. Rage only leads to rage. Vicious cirles persist.

That evening, music helped us waking up from a nightmare and moving on again. I’m turning the page today quoting a genious and hoping that next time I remember this date some things have really changed for the better: “Imagine all the people, living life in peace…

New York, 9-11th 2001